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Youth Services

"You are only young once, and if you work it right, once is enough.  -- Joe E. Lewis  

Through our specialized teen program, Life Works Academy provides proper guidance, patience, dedication and determination to young adults.  Our company’s teen programs are specifically designed to: address the many challenges teens face, provide trainings to effectively help teens overcome their challenges, host teen conferences, provide teen-led webinar trainings, host weekend retreats for teens, provide support via text/email, provide peer-to-peer guidance, provide parent/teen trainings, along with other specialized programs.  We look forward to helping every teen travel through this magnificent part of life’s journey.  “Together, we can make this thing called life work!”  -- Meosha Y. Williams


"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  – Budda 

Life Works Academy provides mentorship to those who are in search of a new personal, educational or career path.  Our mentors may share information with a mentee about their own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support and role modeling.  Our mentorship program helps mentees learn how to redefine and redesign their own lives, one step at a time. 

Community Outreach

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Gandhi

Life Works Academy focuses our clients’ current concerns, in order to effectively assist them.  Through the coaching process, together, we focus on the client’s challenges and strengths, in order to find viable solutions to their problems.  It is our company’s mission to collaborate with clients and explore new approaches, in order to assess what works best and why.

Life &Parent Coaching

"Be the person you needed when you were younger" – Ayesha Siddiqi

Our company teaches our clients how to navigate their own lives by using the ideas, tools and research-based tips learned in each workshop or coaching session.  During each session, our clients can expect: compassion and support, surprising questions that prompt new ideas, practical resources and relevant facts, fun and laughter, to be easier on themselves and their family members and an abundance of creativity and positive changes.

Public Speaking

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.  -- Maya Angelou

As The CEO of Life Works Academy, Meosha Williams obtained a Master of Science in Education and taught Students with Disabilities for five years, in The Bronx, NY.  In addition to academic support, Meosha provided emotional support and life skills development to her students, their parents and other community members.  Meosha’s dedication helped her to later transition from teaching, in order to utilize her public speaking skills in areas all around the country.  As a public speaker, it is Meosha’s mission to bring awareness and solutions to the challenges parents, their families and today’s youth face.

Our Approach

Introductory Phase

In this phase, our company will work with our clients to schedule our coaching sessions/workshops. We ask that our clients commit to at least 10 one-hour coaching sessions (12 would be great!), either weekly or bi-weekly.  This is to ensure we are able to help each client set realistic, measurable and attainable goals, and to effectively to track their progress.


Clients will also have an opportunity to review and sign our company’s standard coaching agreement and complete our intake form.  Our coaching agreement provides the foundation for our working relationship, and further outlines what clients can expect during each session. The intake form allows our company to better understand each client’s current challenges, as well as their present areas of support.  After the completion of both forms, we will schedule our first coaching session.

Discovery Phase

During the initial session of this phase, our company will help each client briefly identify their unique concerns and challenges, as identified in their intake form.  The Discovery Phase will also help our clients identify their strengths, learn to appreciate the life by which they are already surrounded, as well as provide any resources currently available to them.  This information will be critical, as we address each individual’s challenges during the later coaching stages.  Each session is conducted in a collaborative manner, which provides our clients with the comfort of knowing they are part of their own coaching process.  (1-2 sessions)

Dream Phase

During this phase, with our clients, we will discuss their goals for coaching, as well as their expected outcomes for this process.  Our clients will be asked to dig deep and truly think about: How they expect their lives to change after coaching?  How they envision their future?  What feelings arise, as they visualize their new reality?  How do they expect their loved ones’ lives to change, based on their growth and development?  What changes do they expect to occur in their own lives, once they begin to live in their new reality?  (1-2 sessions)

Design Phase

This phase will take up the bulk of our sessions.  It is the phase that energizes our clients, as they begin to experience results—and usually many delightful surprises!  During this phase, our clients begin to design new approaches for their lives, by using fresh ideas and exciting possibilities.  We will help them implement their new approaches, as well as assess the efficacy of their strategies. We will also work together to build on our clients’ new found successes and implement other effective strategies, for more long-term fulfillment.  (4-6 sessions)​

Destiny Phase

During this final phase, together, we will evaluate which approaches and techniques were most effective for our clients and why.  By the completion of The Destiny Phase, we expect our clients to have a clear understanding of their key strengths, skills and strategies used during our sessions.  We will ask our clients to ultimately asses which strategies and techniques helped them successfully reach their goals.  This information will help to sustain the longevity of our clients’ success, after our sessions come to a completion.  We hope our clients apply what they learned throughout this process to any future challenges they may encounter.  (1-2 sessions)

My Approach
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